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Welcome to my e-Portfolio.

My name is Kevin Lee and I’m currently a first year Financial Management student at BCIT.

Here’s a taste of the different places I’ve worked:
- The Real Canadian Superstore
- ALS Environmental
- BC Liquor Store
- elan Data Makers
- The North Face
- Meinhardt Fine Foods (Current)

I’m looking for a career that will allow me to apply and build on the things I’ve learned here at BCIT.

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business model pictureexcel charting assignment picture

So … recently we were assigned an Excel group project.  We had to make a business model and a whole series of charts.  With our combined efforts, we came up with this awesome business model that calculates different types of loans/mortgages and a bunch of different charts.

dragon boat picture

Thank to my sister, I’ve become mildly intrigued with dragon boat competitions. It started by my family and I going out to support her and her team, but it ended up growing on me. Her and her team have been participating in the local Alcan Festival and the Kelowna Dragon Boat Festival. Considering how young their team is, they’re actually doing extremely well. The average age of the team is 20 and they’ve been competing in the adult tiers and placing within the top 3. Besides watching the intense races, the food at all these festivals are amazing. Drool.

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Lately I’ve been obsessing over the new Blackberry 9700. Details about the phone can be found here. I’m planning on buying this phone in the near future, when I have enough money. So … GIVE ME A JOB PLEASE!

fmgt assignment picture

I’m more then confident when it comes to preparing financial statements/calculations in excel. The assignment shown above is the latest assignment that we had to hand in.

adjustment letter pic

This is an example of an adjustment letter that I typed up for a Comm Assignment.

claim letter pic

We had an assignment for Comm where we were given a case that required us to make a claim letter. This is the claim letter I came up with.

boarding picture

Snowboarding is one of my passions.  I always try and go as much as possible every year.

Key Dates
Whistler Opens: November 14th (limited)
Cypress Opens: November 13th (limited)
Grouse Opens: TBA
Seymour Opens: TBA

lulu picture

For this project, my group and I created a presentation that serves as an “Introduction to Facebook“.  This is a presentation that shows you the history, functions, and what you can do with Facebook.

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My group and I were tasked with a YouTube video that showcased why we chose BCIT. This is what we ended up creating. Personally speaking … I think we did one hell of a job!

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mortgage calculator

For a recent Business Systems (BSYS) assignment, we were asked to create a mortgage payment calculator in Excel 2007 that would automatically update if you changed a couple values.