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Today your online presence is just as important, if not more important, than your real life presence. In the marketing field your online presence is a key factor in your future success.  Here are five keys point from Marketlikeachick.com and other online experts that I have found useful in creating my online persona.

1. Start now!

Now is the time to start. Although you may not know exactly what you want to achieve creating your online persona takes a long time.  There are tasks that you need to accomplish in order to get yourself from the start to the point you are a recognized expert in the field. Things like building your blog circulation, getting people to notice you, and cultivating your social network take time and dedication, don’t put it off until you feel ready, because chances are you will never get there.

2. Recognize What Makes You Unique

The Internet is filled with blogs and article about all sorts of things how are you going to stand out? Its not enough to just have a blog anymore you need to be different. Find what it is that sets you apart know your area of expertise very well and position yourself as an expert in the field.

Some ways to do this include:

  • Blogging articles related to your field on a regular basis, and mailing the links to everyone who might be remotely interested will create more traffic to your blog and help make it a credible source.
  • Be creative in your methods of communication use social networks or video links. Keep your eyes open for what’s   coming in the future. Staying current and innovative will go a ling way.
  • Know your strengths and limitations find means of communicating that work with your strengths, don’t try to be something you are not.
  • “You’re selling yourself and YOUR personality, so be different.  Be liked, or be hated, but be the best you can be at either!”

3.  Set Up Profiles On The Big Three

the big three are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Make your presence on all of them but choose one to focus on. Make sure that the tool you choose fits your objective, and get really good at using it.

  • Hint: don’t wear yourself (or others) out by trying to maintain more than a handful of social networks. This will limit the amount of authority you have on any of them.

4.  Get Connected With Your Peers

Get to know others in your field or niche that have the same goal as you.  You don’t have to share everything with them but its a good idea to share ideas and experiences that you have learned from and they will do the same.

Connecting with others in the same or similar field will also increase your influence in your field.

5.  Hook Up With The


Marketlikeachick.com said it best when she wrote “In social media your ROI is your Return On Influence, so borrow the influence of others if you don’t have much of your own yet. You will be glad that you made friends with a few fire starters when you have them start tweeting out your blog posts and then your product launches for you.  Just remember, the big names in Social Media are being pitched all the time, so be real with them.”

6.   Choose Who/What You Promote Wisely

Just like in real life your friends and those you associate with speak volumes about who you are. Be sure that you associate yourself with the people and products that suit your image in order to maintain your credibility.

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  1. Greer says:

    I love this post and I really like how you represented each step!

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