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Before I get the meat of this post I will let you know that this is only the first of 5 blogs about QR Codes. The reason for that is that there is so much potential in QR codes and the technologies that accompanies them that I hade to break it into parts. So here it goes…

First Things First, What is a QR Code?

QR stands for quick response and the codes allow you to quickly direct your customers to the information they want. QR codes are Matrix barcodes that can store more information than the standard barcode barcodes. Although this technology was first designed for the automotive industry it is now becoming mainstream with the advancements in Smartphone technology. Many organizations are using QR codes to better communicate with their customers.

How Does it Work?

As an Android user the first app I downloaded was an all-purpose barcode reader called Barcode scanner but there are plenty of options on smart phones these days for a reader.  Once you download and open the app find a QR codes to scan. It will do one of tree different things:

Take you to a website or page.

Give you information such as a phone number or text.

Or get you to send a specific SMS message to a pre-specified number.

There are 5 important components required to create a QR code this image illustrates them.

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