Statement of Values

Statement of Values

 The values that I believe in play a very important role in my life.  I am fortunate to have been raised by two amazing individuals, my mom and dad, who have helped me define who I am today.  I am a proud individual and always push to succeed.  Whether it is focusing on the inventory or mentoring the entire day team, to be a team, and to perform to the best of their abilities, these values are ingrained in my life.  My values include:


Integrity:               Integrity is important in my life because I have always demonstrated honesty and fairness in dealing with people, and treat them with respect. This will help the day team establish a safe environment so that the individuals on the team can be the best that they can be.

I have integrity because I have grown up in a caring respectful and honest environment. 

Teamwork:           My involvement in numerous sports over the years has shown me the benefit of a unified team working together for a common goal.  This will help out productivity as well as overtime because every kitchen partner will know that if they slow down at the end of their day they will be letting down not only the day sous, but also their fellow peers.

Fairness and equality:     To have a successful team the leader must treat everybody equally.

Accountability:     I take responsibility for my actions and expect my friends and associates to do so as well.  Using this quality I will reduce the amount of mistakes as well as the possibility to stray from the systems that are in place to achieve success.

Care:                    A value that has been defined in my life is to care for others. This is a quality that as a leader is very important because inevitably partners will want to work for you.  By making me the next day sous chef I will reduce the amount of people turnover that has plagued the kitchen for some time.


One of my greatest strengths is to know that I can improve at anything that I put my mind to, including the qualities that I think I have already mastered.  Using this belief I have embraced the fact that I will be learning and developing for the rest of my life.  I have the skills that are required to not only complete the job of being a day sous, but to excel and motivate others as well.  I will be doing this by combining my current strengths, and using them to inspire and develop the partners.  My strengths include:

Training/developing consistently:              I love to teach others, and I know that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.  Saying this I have a passion for developing people which makes training very easy for me to accomplish.  The attention that I spend on making sure the training is done right will reduce the amount of mistakes made by the trainee; as well as increase productivity off the get go.

 Good with numbers:      Throughout high school one of my easiest subjects was always math.  With my ability to be driven to excel and the fact that I am very comfortable with dealing with numbers, I am confident I can make our current food inventory decrease from where it is today, which is around $17000 as fast as possible, and maintain that low number for good.

 People selection:           People selection is very important because picking the right people can make or break any business.  I am confident I can pick the right people because I can see the qualities that are necessary to excel in a kitchen.  This creates a competent day business and makes the possibility of fulfilling exactly what is required of the day kitchen easy.

Recruiting:                    Recruiting is the life’s blood of the kitchen.  I have recruited a number of people which has made it possible to fill positions in the day team, by using some of these individuals, as well as filling the spots of the people that were promoted to days.

Creating a fun working environment:        Creating a fun working environment is important because kitchen partners will enjoy coming to work, decreasing the kitchen turnover.

Driven to excel:             Being driven to excel is important because always working to the best of your ability motivates others in a positive way.

Open minded and can listen very well:      This is a good quality because employees need to feel heard, if they believe you aren`t listening to them they can make assumption that are not true, for instance, you don’t care.


I recognize areas that I want to improve on.  My opportunities include:

First impression            Looking into a kitchen where everyone had pristine jerseys, were clean cut, and had polished shoes would give the impression to the customer that the kitchen knew what they were doing.  I have slowly been adapting my way of thinking from not caring how I look to the fact that it is very important to look 100% at all times.  This started at home growing up with three boys who all had no idea they were supposed to focus on their personal impression, which is why it has been ingrained in me.  On a positive note I have been taking more and more time focusing on my appearance, but I do know that I can still improve. 

 Communication             I have a hard time articulating exactly what I want to say.  I have realized this and am focusing on it more and more.  The solution that I have come up with is to plan ahead and mentally prepare myself if I am going to have a serious conversation in the future.

 Confidence                     I know that the more knowledge that I have on a topic the greater my confidence level is.  So saying this, I need to increase my knowledge of the restaurant business as a whole.  Once I have gained this knowledge the topic becomes comfortable and my confidence increases.

 Leadership Philosophy

           I have worked for earls NVTP for over 5 years now, and have gained many skills.  I intend to add to these skills through additional courses.  I am determined to excel, and my main focus is to create results. I am going to do this by leading the day team with integrity and respect.  One of my most important strengths is that I love to teach others and develop them in a positive environment.  Nothing pleases me more than to see someone excel because of what I said to them, or what I did with them.  Saying this, an opportunity for me is to clearly articulate exactly what I want to say.  Through more in depth training, goal setting and good people selection, our team will also be able to reduce food waste and improve customer service.  The customers will feel the vibe created from our positive attitude reaching out to them.                                                


                              Nick Boyd

                    From day one I have been training Nick technically and mentally.  Technically he has proven himself adept, not only reaching the day team but has lately mastered produce, and in turn is getting promoted to bake.  I believe I have been a major factor in getting him to where he is today.  I have taken him under my wing and he has improved immensely in the many different areas I coached him in.  Mentally I feel Nick could go down either the rude and obnoxious route or the accepting and possible leader potential route.  We have had many conversations throughout his tenure at Earls Tin Palace, both positive and negative, but always honest, and this has lead to a respectful working relationship where he knows no matter what is said it is said with the intent to help better himself in all aspects of the work environment.  

                             Steve Rawson

           Steve’s newest position is bake and his product quality is outstanding.  I had the honor of training him on this station, using both the manual for the consistency that the Earls brand has established as well as focusing on the personal care and attention that is required to be the baker at Earls Tin Palace.  He has taken what he learned from me, and used his own skills as a day prepper to better himself and be what he is today on this station.

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