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American Marketing Association. Membership has it’s benfits.


One of the most useful things that I have obtained during my academic career is a membership to the American Marketing Association. This membership keeps my marketing mind thinking and ahead of the curve. I receive the Marketing Power enewsletter and Quirk eMarketing enewsletter. Each of these have a ton of resources and bring up the most current ideas of the professional marketing community. Additionally the AMA puts on regular webcasts by industry leaders on current topics. The cost of these webcasts and enewsletters? FREE! Last week I participated in a webcast but on by the AMA in conjunction with LYRIS. The title was “Top 10 Vital Factors for Email Marketing. It was perfect for me and my email marketing work for the Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver. The speaker was Andrea Scharnecchia, VP of Marketing at Lyris Inc. The information that I got from this session will greatly improve the success of my email marketing campaigns and improve the return on marketing investments made in me. Tomorrow I will be participating in another webcats. This one is titled “Facebook Marketing: Leveraging the World’s Most Popular Social Network”. I am looking forward to what I will gain from this.

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