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Finance/business, thats my hobby and my goal!

Friday, February 25th, 2011

For many years before starting at BCIT I had an interest for business and I strived to learn as much as possible about it. Since my dad was a CEO of a small textile company (800 employees) back home I was introduced to the business world early in life. Through many years my dad taught me the core rules and laws of business and finance. He taught me how to recognize the right moment for any business decision and how to react on it. The main lesson was, to be patient, and that is exactly what I did. I’m still trying to learn as much as possible by reading finance book and all the literature I can find on this topic. There are many things to learn in business/finance and I’m aware nobody can learn it all, but I will try to maximize my chances and learn as much as I can. This became my hobby and my goal, something that keeps me motivated from day to day. That is why I enjoy BCIT and the knowledge I’m getting from it.

Career planing program at Landell

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Five months ago I attended the Career Planning Program (CPP) at Landell and Associates Consulting Ltd. This seven day program it’s a great start for anyone who finds themselves confused with all the different career paths in today’s working environment. If you want to find out if your personality and/or abilities are supporting your career of choice this is a great choice. You will learn much about yourself and more important, you will gain knowledge of which career would suit you the best. For example, I learned that Finance industry suits me the most. This just affirmed my previews opinion. I was always good with numbers and through my education I won many Math championships and contests so I was always inspired to take a business course but I never did. This program definitely helped me in my decision. The program was great and I met many interesting and good people, the Landell staff was great as well.
There are just good thinks I can say about them.
Thank you Landell!

If you have any interest in this type of program, please the Landell web site.

My Casino working experience

Friday, February 25th, 2011


For the last 10 years and before starting studies at BCIT I worked in the Casino industry all around the world. In 1999 I started as a Casino Dealer in Croatia, working for Casino Mulino. At the beginning I learned how to deal French Roulette and Black jack but soon after I developed new skills and learned new games as well. After 4 years in the casino industry and some savings I decided to enter in to the business world. I opened a movie shop/rental in my hometown (Umag-Croatia). As the beginning of any new entrepreneurship can be challenging and hard I had to find a new source of income. I got a job with Carnival corporation cruise line where I worked as a casino dealer as well. The cruise ship was travelling through different parts of the world (Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii…) and the hard work was paid off by newly acquired experience and skills. After the cruise ship contract was over I returned home (Croatia) and got my job back (at the local casino). At this point I made a decision to move to Canada and there for I sold my business. After arriving in Vancouver (2005) I found a job at Edgewater Casino where I stayed until March 22, 2009. During these 4 years at Edgewater Casino I was introduced to different parts of the job. I transfer departments, and soon I took a role of a part-time supervisor position. I stayed at Edgewater Casino until March 22, 2009. At this date, due to economic downturn and low seniority in the Casino, I was lay off. That’s when I recognized this moment as the right one to go back to school and further pursue my dream.