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Unions and Generation Y

For the HRMG 3205 course – Labour Relations, we studied the effects of Generation Y employees on unions and employers.  We used a variety of sources and research methods including surveys, interviews with union and management representatives, and internet articles. … Continue reading

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Gas Station Simulation

As part of a course requirement in OPMT 4408 – Math Models for Decisions, my team and I decided to model the operations of a gas station.  Variables such as arrival rates, refueling times, wages, overhead, and number of pumps … Continue reading

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MS Excel Assignment

With the intent of familiarizing ourselves with MS Excel 2007, our instructors tasked us with creating a business model of our choice along with various chart types.  My group did a GIC Calculator, in which you put an invested amount … Continue reading

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I have made a goal to myself that by January 1st 2013 I will have saved up $100,000.  I believe this goal is very achievable and the financial knowledge that BCIT is giving me is only increasing the chances of … Continue reading

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Army Reserve

Starting from January 2007, I have been a soldier with the British Columbia Regiment.  My job as an armoured reconnaissance soldier is to gather intelligence on the enemy.  My current duties involve driving the combat reconnaissance vehicle, operating the communications equipment and weapon … Continue reading

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On September 24 2009 I attended an APICS (Association for Operations Management) professional development meeting.  The dinners happen once a month and brings operations managers together from all over Vancouver.  A guest speaker is followed by an excellent catered dinner.  Larry … Continue reading

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Blackberry Case Study

For MKTG 1102 (Marketing) we did a case study revolving around Research in Motion’s Blackberry smartphone.  Our team’s objective was to create a strategy to increase market share of the Blackberry by appealing to both business and casual everyday users.  It … Continue reading

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Terms of Reference

A terms of reference (TOR) is a document that defines the structure and purpose of a project.  As operations managers in training, we’ll expect to do many projects in the future.  This TOR assignment helps us understand how to approach a … Continue reading

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Team Charter

Every team has rules that govern how that team works.  At BCIT the instructors stress the key importance of working in teams and how to do it successfully.  One of the first group assignments we did was a team charter.  … Continue reading

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MS Excel Business Model

This was a lab in our week 8 lab.  It’s a car dealership business model made in MS Office Excel 2007.  It’s quite simple but the skills that I learned while doing it were vital to my understanding of Excel.  Just trying to … Continue reading

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MS Word 2007 e-Book

My next assignment for BSYS 1000 (Business Information Systems) was to create a professional document. We chose Skype and edited all the content, which was sourced completely from Wikipedia, and put it in an easy-to-read format. We even posted it … Continue reading

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MS PowerPoint Youtube Video

This was one of the first group assignments my team and I were tasked with.  Our objective was to create a video using Microsoft PowerPoint on the reasons we came to BCIT. Other forms of media were integrated into the … Continue reading

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Welcome to my e-portfolio!  I’m Andrew and currently  a student at BCIT studying operations management.  I’m not too sure where I’ll be five years from now, but I am confident that as I continue studying this field it will become clear to … Continue reading

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