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The simple way to create & promote your e-portfolio!

ZEN Portfolios

"There were several hundred applicants for the marketing job I applied for. They said I was a long shot but after seeing my e-portfolio they shortlisted me for an interview. I impressed them with my newly gained Web skills and I got the job!" - Cindy Wong


  • ZEN Portfolios is the next generation e-Portfolio publishing platform and personal learning network!

    * Easy to build e-portfolio
    * WordPress-based
    * Embed social media
    * Lots of great themes
    * Custom e-Portfolio views
    * Manage your privacy
    * RSS reader
    * Plan learning goals
    * Organize learning resources
    * Aggregate your feedback
    * Track your progress and grades
    * Organize your assignments
    * Easy-to-use project manager
    * Collaborate online for group work
    * Calendar & contact manager
    * e-Portfolio directory
    * Not "locked in", easy export
    * Optional premium support